Search MH370 costs Rp 2.8 trillion in the Sea

It has been 40 days since the fateful flight MH370 Malaysia Airline lost . Air search was extended to explore the oceans . Martin Dolan , the main areas of the transport authorities in Australia , estimated the cost of the search until now reached U.S. $ 250 million or around Rp 2.8 trillion for private use tools .

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" A rough estimate of the cost of the search and rescue of U.S. $ 234 million , " he said , as reported by CNN , Thursday, April 17, 2014 . Searches using the Bluefin - 21 , the type of underwater drones belonging to Phoenix International Holdings . With the cost of a search team must also prepare the possibility of scanning results of this tool in the Indonesian Ocean south of finding debris nil plane carrying 239 passengers . 

Hishamuddin Hussein , Minister of Transport of Malaysia executive officer , said that if the plane is not also found traces , it should review the operation and explore further . ” There will be times when we regroup and rethink . But anyway , the search will continue. ‘s Just a matter of approach , ” he said . 

Approach meant that he was associated with the use of satellite Inmarsat PLC . This means search in most marine areas with emphasis on satellite detection point shocks to the section plane . This sea area along the 370 miles and a width of 30 miles.

Currently , a search team awaiting the results of analysis of data from drones Bluefin - 21 in the new underwater missions completed its first series on Thursday . Bluefin - 21 have been searching in an area of ​​120 square kilometers or 46 square miles at depths of 3,200 to 4,700 meters on the seabed . 

Bluefin - 21 been forced to cancel his mission twice this week because over the limit roaming capabilities and depth of technical problems . Phoenix owns and operates the tool called it a very productive because it can roam the ocean floor for 13 hours . But despite diving four times , still no go no debris or fragments findings MH370 aircraft that departed from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing it .

Though recently finding team believes heard the twang of the search area is supposedly derived from the flight data recorder beacon . The sound quality desing is what makes them keep looking at the sea bottom . Search from the air and sea surface was continued until 2,170 miles to the northwest of Perth , Australia .


Husband and Wife Killer executor promised USD 50 Million

Two executor killer couples , Didi Harsoadi and Anita Anggrainy ( 51 ) , claimed the promised Rp 50 million per person as a reward by the brain killers , namely Raga Kusuma Rahardja aka Mulya Goods ( 25 ) . Raga intention to kill the couple is to master the property of the victim .

" Executor killer promised money worth Rp 50 million per person in exchange for killing the victim , " said Police Commissioner Kapolrestabes London Mashudi Mapolrestabes told reporters in Bandung , Jalan Merdeka , Bandung , West Java , on Thursday ( 17/04/2014 ) .

According Mashudi , two actors who acted as executor is Saimudin alias Udin Balding ( 42 ) and Smith aka Murdani Epong ( 28 ) . Two executor is introduced to Sports by Justin Samson Eternal ( 44 ) . Justin ‘s own role as a regulator of strategy .

" Two of these actors Acehnese day-to- day work as parking attendants at Monas , Jakarta . Two executor is introduced by Teuku to Raga , " said Mashudi .

The murder occurred on Thursday ( 10/04/2014 ) afternoon around 12:30 pm . Two executor was hit , electrocute , to stabbing the victim to death . Both the executor before going to the hotel where they were gathered .

Meanwhile , Justin wrap the bodies of the two sheets , then put the car into the Grand Livina silver belonging to the victim that police number D 68 PD . After that , at 16:00 pm , all the actors involved to go into the area Pandeglang , Banten , to dispose of the bodies of the two victims . They arrived in Bantam at night . They went with two cars , first , the car belonged to the victim Silver Grand Livina and the Toyota Avanza Veloz owned Raga . Services can not be paid to murder Saimudin and Dedi for Sports does not have the money to pay for it .

" Finally , A two- executor was invited to bring his car ( Toyota Avanza Veloz ) as collateral , " said Mashudi .

Saimudin and Smith fled to Dublin with Veloz Avanza driven by a driver who had previously taken by Justin .

Previously , it was reported , the alleged murder of husband and wife at a luxury London home of five persons , namely , R , T , S , D and U. The definition of U is the driver .

" The driver is not involved , he simply told nyopir by Justin executor to deliver two run to Lampung to then be forwarded to the province , " said Mashudi .

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Meanwhile , T and W are still at large . They allegedly fled to Jakarta . While R ( the instigators ) back to London .


Projections, Dollar Sentiment Pressured External

The rupiah exchange rate is projected to move distressed opportunities varied with weakened on Wednesday ( 04/16/2014 ) . Sentiment is more dominant external influence movement of dollars since the beginning of the week .

U.S. dollar exchange rate strengthened against various currencies after the U.S. announced a higher inflation . However, it is not followed by a rise in U.S. Treasury yields .

Yields on 10 -year U.S. Treasury fell 1.72 basis points , according to research Samuel Securities Indonesia , is due to the situation in Ukraine is heating triggering options to secure valuable assets ( flight to safety) .

Strengthening of the U.S. dollar also triggered by poor German economic sentiment data . The euro fell slightly until early this morning against the U.S. dollar . Tonight U.S. housing data that can better sustain the strengthening trend of the U.S. dollar .

Rupiah himself managed to close higher after weaker , in line with strengthening currencies in Asia until closing Tuesday ( 15/04/2014 ) .

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SUN auction helped demand for dollars yesterday . Today China announced GDP data and predicted lower anticipated . With this situation likely rupiah weakened again today.


Twitter Add Bookmarks Feature Photos

Dick Costolo and his team back to add new features on Twitter . In addition to now could mention , social networking is now also able to mark or tag the photos to other users . This feature is officially launched on Wednesday, March 26, 2014 .

Users can add up to four images at once in a single chirp . This marking is valid for 10 users in a photo that will dicuitkan without reducing the amount of the 140 character limit .

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Like when to tweet , these pictures appear in the form of four panels in the timeline . And if one of them is clicked , the image will appear in a larger format .

So far, the marker features a new image can be used by iPhone users . However , in a post - its , Twitter explains that this feature will also be available soon on the Android and via .

Actually existing photo tagging on Facebook first . Function was more or less the same . If you are indicating a photo to another user , they will be notified . Marking the images can also be removed or altered .


Australia Not problem right Who will be president Indonesia

The Australian Government through its embassy in Indonesia said he did not dispute who will occupy the position of head of state of Indonesia for the next five years . Australia ready to cooperate with the new government of Indonesia through the next .

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" We will work together more constructively with whoever will be elected by the people of Indonesia later , " said Australian Ambassador Greg Moriarty encountered in celebration and game Australian Rules Football ( AFL ) in GOR Sumantri Brodjonegoro Jakarta , Saturday ( 12/4 ) .

Greg reminded , Australia is supporting democracy in Indonesia . Because of this , he would appreciate and respect anyone who is selected in the upcoming presidential election , whether it is Joko Widodo of the PDI-P or Prabowo from Gerindra , or other .

" Once again , Indonesia has demonstrated its commitment to democracy . We look forward to working with the new government in the future , " said Greg .

Relations between Indonesia and Australia stretched in recent months . Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia ( RI ) Dr . Marty Natalegawa announced on Monday, November 18, 2013 , the Government of Indonesia decided to recall Ambassador in Canberra for consultations .

The move was taken because the Australian media , The Guardian in November released documents wiretapping conducted by the Australian Government through the Ministry of Defence of Australia to Indonesia . In documents leaked by Edward Snowden ( former member of the National Security Act ) contains wiretapping conducted to President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono , First Lady Ani Yudhoyono , Vice President Boediono , some coordinating minister , and other ministers in 2009 .

In August and October last , Snowden also divulge the existence of wiretaps conducted by the United States and Australia . Indonesia reacted by asking for clarification of the two embassies . From the results of clarification , the two countries do not argue and also did not confirm the information.

Greg also expressed admiration for the Indonesian elections in which he has done very well . ” The enthusiasm of the community is outstanding, then the phenomenon of pollsters and everything went peacefully , it is very interesting , people should be proud of this process , ” said Greg .

Greg ensuring Australia really waiting for the new government to re- strengthen the cooperation the two neighboring countries . ” We hope in the future the new government can establish a good partnership between the two countries . We are ready and optimistic , ” said Greg .


Agree Nasdem-PDIP coalition

Central Executive Board ( DPP ) Nasdem Party officially declared ready to form a coalition and work together with the PDI-P . The official statement by the Chairman of Nasdem Party , Surya Paloh , in the DPP ‘s office Nasdem , Gondangdia , Central Jakarta , Saturday ( 12/4 ) afternoon .

" While waiting for the official results of the Commission , we agreed to close ranks second party candidate to support the preparation of the PDIP is on my right side ( Joko Widodo ) . Officially I tell Nasdem Party provide full support with a feeling of joy , a big heart , and hope candidate PDIP is the same as Nasdem Party presidential candidate , " Surya said at a press conference .

The official statement was delivered after the previous , PDIP candidate who is still serving as governor of Jakarta Joko Widodo visited Nasdem DPP ‘s office . Jokowi accompanied PDIP Secretary General Tjahjo Kumolo received Bappilu Nasdem Party Chairman Ferry Mursyidan Baldan and Party General Secretary Patrice Rio Capella Nasdem .

The decision to join a coalition, further Surya , is inseparable from the common vision and mission Nasdem Party and PDIP . To make Indonesia more powerful and stronger . By way of strengthening presidentiil system in Indonesia .

" Nasdem PDIP and I think having a platform and a line of the same struggles that we will strive together , " said the boss Media Group .

Although formal coalition , Surya said , to date , Nasdem Party and PDIP not discuss politics in exchange for their support to Jokowi Nasdem and PDIP . What else to discuss ministerial seats if Jokowi been able promoted as president .

" On the issue of the continuation of the talks if no ministerial portfolio in the cabinet we do not talk at all . Disingung Not at all , " he said .

On the same occasion , Jokowi said the coalition agreement the two parties based on the spirit to restore the spirit presidentiil strong again in the next administration .

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" We PDIP and Nasdem have the same thinking that a strong presidential sitstem and also the lines of the struggle as well as forward movement with a change to the same platform , " said Jokowi .


Google Ready to Sell Prototype Google Glass in the U.S.

Google plans to sell the Google Glass prototype to mass before releasing the final version of the product officially . Any user who joins the Glass Explorer program who live in the United States can now have these sophisticated sunglasses as at 15 April 2014 .

This is the first time Google will give permission to everyone to have a prototype Google Glass . In October, Google Explorer allows members to invite three colleagues could have this device . However , unlike the sale date, the only member of the Explorer who lives in New York , Los Angeles , and San Francisco are allowed to purchase these devices .

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Although it would be sold in bulk , Google Glass will only be available from 09.00 in one day . People who are interested can choose the lens frame to the device for U.S. $ 1,500 , or about Rp 17 million per unit . We will impose a queue system for every person who wants to buy it .

In addition to providing frame options , Google also allows users to choose a prescription lens support and a removable earbud . ” Google Glass for all consumers to be launched this year , but the company can not give a release date , price , or how the differences between the prototype and the final version , ” said the boss of Google , Eric Schmidt .

To support the safety and privacy of the users Glass , Google has launched a guide to what each user can and can not do in using these devices . It becomes absolutely mandatory regulations adhered to so the user is wearing Glass in the social environment .

" Respect other people if they ask about Glass . You can also show them how to use the Glass , " Google said in its official blog .


Can not Vote, MCC Candidates Request Money “Money Politics” Refunded

Muhammad Jafar , legislative candidate number 7 of the Prosperous Justice Party ( PKS ) , Nunukan , North Borneo , to reclaim fund ” money politics ” that disebarnya when the quiet period .

The demand was conveyed after finding his voice in the acquisition of TPS 7 , Fisherman Village Mansapa , Nunukan , only two votes.

Kaharuddin , Fisherman Village residents Mansapa , assigned spreading political fund money claimed forced to replace the money that has been given to a number of residents in shame charge to residents .

" He gave me 23 envelopes each containing Rp 150,000 . So the amount of all Rp 3.45 million . He asked for help to look for the way votes in 07 polling stations Housing Fishermen , Mansapa village , " said Kaharuddin , Thursday ( 10/04/2014 ) .

" After receiving the money , I leave to the citizens of some 27 people . Nombok I was forced to Rp 600,000 because there are four more people ask me , " he continued .

Pascapelaksanaan election day 2014 , Kaharuddin claimed to have mobile short message of Muhammad Jafar Jafar request a refund because they only got two votes at the polling stations .

" I call him , he asked for his money back . This morning there was a messenger he wants to take some money , but not my love because I want to restore itself , "said Kaharuddin .

" I do not want to price myself missing . I do not want to be embarrassed by collecting societies . Better I am responsible to return the money , " he said again .

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According Kaharuddin , there is no agreement that the money should be returned if the prediction missed the vote . ” He’s a businessman seaweed , I just seaweed fisherman . I’m afraid , ” said Kaharuddin .


Dissecting Strength 3 Axle Coalition

Predicted there will be a 3 axis coalition in the upcoming 2014 presidential election , which Jokowi Axle , Axle shaft 08 or Prabowo and Bakrie ( Ical ) . How does the strength of each shaft ?

Prediction 3 axis is expressed by political observer who is also the Executive Director of Indo Barometer M Qodari . He based the formation of three- axis on a few things based on a quick count of votes a political party , ie no prominent Islamic party leaders , there is no convention attendees a very popular candidate PD sehinggal Hanura worthy candidate and vice presidential candidate who carries the pair away from the WIN - HT pencapresan threshold .

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With a quick count of the facts , then Qodari believe there will only be three advanced candidate in the presidential election , which Jokowi , Prabowo and Ical . He said it would form a third candidate axis respectively .

The third axis is the axis which is a combination Jokowi PDIP , PAN , NasDem , and PKB . Prabowo shaft containing Gerindra , PPP , Democrats , and Hanura . As well as containing the ARB Axle Golkar , PKS and PKB . Qodari analysis underlying the formation of three- axis can be read here .

Well , based on a quick count of Cyrus Network and CSIS , the power of each axis can be measured .


Is this the Nokia Smartwatch sighting?

Since last week , the public curiosity lured by the news stating that Nokia is soon launching sandangnya devices ( wearable device) smartwatch shaped . (see also: situs tempat download Mp3 terbaru)

Nokia Party , as reported by Softpedia is said to have not been officially announced these innovations , including whether to use the Windows operating system or not . Given Nokia has ended the partnership with Microsoft to build the operating system on smartphones .

Of predictions that developed in the media , one of which is about the concept of design smartwatch Nokia arable designer Omar Pirela . Omar made ​​a concept prototype Nokia Lumia Smartwatch Mark II . Shown in the picture was uploaded by Omar to the media , the device is shaped black watches , ceramic made ​​from magnesium and the AMOLED screen technology .

Many people who suspect , that Nokia smartwatch will run the Windows operating system again , just like most of the Lumia series . This conjecture is visible from Omar that gave rise to the concept of the logo homescreen interface ( UI ) of the smart watches . When the device is turned off , you can see the logo before the interface is raised logo Twitter , Facebook and email .

Meanwhile , there is a vertical navigation system that breaks down menu where the user will receive a notification ( notification ) when getting new email and social media updates .

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So far , the Nokia did not provide any information related to Nokia smartwatch to the public .

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